Why buy gold online?

Gold is respected globally for its value and rich history interwoven into our Indian culture for over a thousand years. Over the years, gold has been highly regarded as a unique and valuable commodity. Gone are the days when gold was only available in brick and mortar shops. Like any product, it is easy, safe and convenient to buy gold online. Slowly but gradually, people have started trusting online retailers to make their purchases. 

For some, buying gold online can be a daunting task as one may consider if their purchase was made securely. We are a contemporary brand with its roots firmly in this business for the past 50 years. When it comes to buying gold online, RPS Gold is considered a market-leading expert as we have a wide range of bullion coins, bars and jewellery to choose from.  

Why is it worth considering buying gold online?

A typical but significant question arises when people think of buying gold online: What is the need of buying gold online when it is readily available in shops. One of the primary reasons to consider the online purchase of gold is that it gets available at the lowest premium. In addition, Gold has been regarded as an excellent long-term investment capable of offering potentially solid returns at low risks. 

One can invest in many forms when considering buying gold online. You can buy it in the form of jewellery, bullion and ETFs. By purchasing gold coins online, you will also enjoy various tax benefits. You might be aware that countries worldwide have produced their investment bullion coins. These international gold coins don’t exempt from CGT but are considered a good investment option. Your gold will have global recognition by purchasing gold online as it is popular among buyers.

Reasons to Buy Gold Online

Some of the significant reasons that explain the purchase of gold online are described below:

Different Sizes

If you consider buying gold online, you can buy it in different shapes and sizes. We all know that gold bars are available in a wide range of sizes at different prices. By searching for gold online, you will have plenty of options to choose your favourite size that will suit you.

More Options

By buying gold online, you will get plenty of options to choose from. In addition, by searching online, you will get many retailers offering gold at competitive prices. 

Still, we would like you to do some research on your own before buying gold directly from one store. After researching yourself, you will find the difference between the prices, which will help you select the right and authentic one for yourself.

RPS Gold offers the lowest buying and selling charges compared to other online gold providers. 


While purchasing gold online, stay assured of the purity that you will get a genuine product. We at RPS Gold have gold available in 24, 22, 18 and 14 carats. If you admire Indian Gold, think of none other than RPS Gold. Our gold is certified and authenticated by the best refiners in the country. So choose RPS Gold for your next purchase.

Why Us?

RPS Gold is no common name when it comes to purchasing gold online. We have a legacy of over 50 years, and now our family’s third generation is running this online business. We are a fast-growing, premier fine jewellery company specialising in dealing with gold coins and bullions. Our precious metals are available in different sizes that one can choose from. The designs of our products reflect the rich cultural heritage and the journey of our brand. 

RPS gold follows a simple process for people looking to buy gold online. Our design team takes extraordinary pleasure in crafting this precious metal. Buy gold online from us as the best refiners in the country have approved, authenticated, and certified our gold. The delivery process of our team is also secure and fast. We send your purchase via registered and insured royal mail. It is one of the safest and most reliable delivery services that deliver your gold within time. So purchase your gold from RPS Gold with confidence.


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