When is the Best Time to Sell Gold?

Do you want to put your gold bars for sale? It would be best if you look for the right time to sell them. At RPS Gold, we’re often asked that when the best time to sell gold is. After all, everyone wants better returns on their gold investment. Well, we would say various factors determine it. We will discuss those factors, but before that, let’s take a quick look at the history of investing in gold.

Short History of Investing in Gold

Before you place your gold bars for sale, you must learn some history of investing in gold. Around 550 BC, gold was used in the form of currency. King Croesus was the first rule who minted gold coins in Turkey. However, the adoption of the gold standard started in the late 1800s. This was when most countries fixed the value of their currency to the gold price and paved its value for modern-day finance. Recognising the importance of the global financial system, the Federal Reserve was formed in 1993. It stabilised the gold price and currency values.

Factors That Decide When is the Best Time to Sell Gold

Majorly, there are two factors behind the right time to sell your gold bars:

  • Need
  • The price of gold

Your Requirement or Need

If you have been investing in gold bars for a pretty long time, the right time to put your gold bars for sale could be when you need to release their value. We all plan to buy or achieve something big in future. For example, you might want to buy a house, get retired or roam the world. If you think that time has come, you can sell your gold bars and fulfil your dream. So we can say in some cases you requirements determine when is the best time to sell a bar of gold. The good news is that with RPS gold, you can lock your price based on the live spot price.

One good thing about gold is that they don’t lose their value with time; instead, it increases.

The Price of Gold

You can make a huge profit on gold investment when you sell it when the price of gold is high. There is an old saying, “buy low and sell high”. So you should analyses the market and put gold bars on sale when the price of gold is high. It has been a long-standing platitude. When the value of the currency falls, the cost of gold will rise.

Don’t forget that gold is a safe haven for investors as it is often considered a safe investment. You can invest some money in gold when you see the price is going down and sell when it is high.

The current price of gold is fairly stable; you can sell a gold bar of 2.5 gms at £115.5. Since price keeps fluctuating, it’s advisable that you call us on +44(0) 20 8574 2450 before you place your gold bars for sale.

If you are wondering where you should put your gold bars for sale, you can get in touch with RPS Gold. Check out our selling price of gold bars here.

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