What Is the Actual Gold Weight of My Coins?

Gold is something that people usually buy to invest their money. When it comes to silver investment, other than gold jewellery, you also have the choice to purchase physical gold in the form of coins and bars. When it comes to selling your gold coins, you can not sell them without doing your own research.

Before presenting your gold coins for sale, you should know their worth and how much you can ask for them. The value of your gold coins relies on different factors, such as the weight, the size, and of course, the actual gold weight in a coin. So, before presenting your gold coins for sale, you must look into your coins’ exact worth.

The AGW (Actual Gold Worth) of Your Golds Coins

If you are a gold lover or dealer, you have definitely heard the term “Karat.” Karat specifies the quality and consistency of your gold. For example, 24-karat gold is purer than 18-karat gold. When you display your gold coins for sale, you sell them by their weight as well as gold purity. The higher the purity of your gold, the more will be its price.

If you’re planning for gold coins sale, begin with the AGW (Actual Gold Weight), which is simply the gold purity multiplied by the raw weight. The process of weighing a gold coin is straightforward; you can do this with a kitchen scale as well. However, a gold dealer uses a refined scale to determine the exact weight and purity of a coin. Moreover, knowing the purity of a gold coin needs a bit more research. For this, go through online databases of coin purities and values, and search by mint mark, year, and coin style.

Sell Your Gold Coins to the Right Dealer and Make Profits

Selling your gold coin can be an educational and fun experience, especially when coin dealers are excited to discuss a gold coin’s value. By doing proper research and knowing the exact worth of a coin, you can find better deals that leave you with more money in your pocket. If you’re willing to sell or present your gold coin for sale, RPS Gold has the expertise and knowledge to help you get the best deal on your gold collection.

Besides, RPS Gold can be an ideal stop to sell your gold coin. We are open to buying gold in any form and can offer you market-leading rates, depending on your gold coin’ weight and purity. Just talk to the team or visit our store, tell us about the gold you have, and let our team check the purity and weight. The value we offer entirely depends on the quality of gold coin you own.

To check the selling price of gold coin, visit here. From this list, you will have an idea of the price you will get for your gold coins. If you want more information on gold or any other precious metal, contact us today.

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