Tips to Sell Gold Coins and Bars Near You

Where to sell gold near me? A lot of gold investors search for this query over Google. While there would be no shortage of gold dealers in your neighborhood, not all are reputable and trustworthy.

Since selling gold coins and bars require a lot of knowledge, you must do adequate research before selling your gold assets. Moreover, since it is your long term investment, you must rest assured that you’re getting the maximum possible returns on your investment.

At RPS Gold, we also buy gold at market leading prices. The good thing is that you can lock your price based on the live spot price. We allow sellers to post their gold assets the same day to keep their price locked. You may send us your gold via Royal Mail Special Delivery.

We want our customers to determine themselves why we are the right choice when it comes selling gold. Therefore, we come with a quick guide. We have put together a few tips to sell gold that you must consider when you search for where to sell gold near me.

Worth of the Gold

Before you decide on a gold dealer, you must have an understanding of the worth of gold which you intend to sell. For the same, you can request a quote from multiple gold dealers around you. Get at least 3 to 4 quotes and then settle for the highest price possible.

If you want to see the current selling price of gold bars and coins at RPS Gold, visit our Sell Gold page.

Check Purity

Before you sell gold, check the purity of your gold coins or bars. Any gold item which bears a 916 hallmark means 91.6% purity of gold for 22 kt gold. Gold dealers would anytime prefer 22-carat hallmarked gold than a non-hallmarked gold since there is no authenticity of its purity.

If you’re not sure about the purity of gold, a gold checker can check it with the carat meter.

At RPS Gold, we do our best to be transparent without customers. You can read all the information about how and at what price we buy gold on our website. You can sell gold bars and coins of different weights.

Determine the Final Price

It is essential to know that there is a deduction of a certain percentage in the price of the gold you sell. Gold dealers generally melt gold coin and bars using an induction furnace and the gold available after that is free from all impurities. Now that gold will be taken for deciding the actual price. This whole process is done at a nominal cost that is deducted from the final price of gold. This deduction ranges from 3 to 6%.

You will be glad to know that our deduction percentage is very nominal. For 10gms of Gold bar, we deduct 2.75%.

Where to Sell

The best option is to choose a reputable gold dealer as the chances of getting a fair deal will be high. We are glad to tell you that RPS gold is one of the trustworthy gold dealers in London, serving people of Southall and surrounding areas for more than 50 years. We advise you to get more information about us and then make your decision. We hope this post helps you find out where to sell gold near me.

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