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Whenever there is an urgent cash requirement, people turn towards monetising their gold jewellery. RPS Gold is a reputed online shop where you can sell gold online. Selling gold with us is easy as we have a speedy transaction. We pay fair prices for all precious metals, including gold, silver, and platinum. Being in business for so long, we have earned a reputation for providing market leading prices for your gold. 

Most of the mined gold today is available in the form of jewellery and bullion. These forms have great potential in the ongoing resale market. Instead of choosing a random company to sell gold online, keep note of a few things to get the right price for your product.

Things to take care of before selling gold online

Nowadays, it is safe to sell gold online until you sell it to the right and genuine online store. Following are the things you must keep in mind before you sell gold online:

Look for the Time 

The most primary factor that will affect the money you get is the time of selling the gold. The standard rule of demand and supply teaches us that when people want to invest in a commodity, its prices will increase. Similarly, gold is mostly in demand when the economy is unstable. 

We all know that gold is seen as a safer investment than stocks and shares. Consider the state of the economy when you’re planning to sell gold online. Stay patient and wait for the gold prices to get high before selling. 

Get the Right Value

You need to know the correct value of your gold. It is essential to know the purity of the gold you own. Look for the hallmarks and weigh your jewellery to get a confirmation of what your gold is worth. You can also get an evaluation from any street jewellery shop to get an idea. 

Research Before selling

Nowadays, you have got plenty of options to sell gold online. But you must do some research before selling it directly from a single source. The best way is to visit your high street jewellery stores and get an idea about the worth of the gold you are carrying at the time. After that, you can visit various online stores to find out which store provides the best prices for your gold.

RPS Gold offers the best selling charges for gold and silver. The company requires you to post the metal the same day to keep your price locked. 

Consider the Value of Whole Item

Usually, gold buyers are only interested in metal value and ignore any precious stones embedded in them. We recommend not to choose cash for a gold company to sell gold online as they remove stones from the jewellery and discard them. This will prevent you from cashing in on their value. If you believe that the gold you own has more value than you receive, it’s better to get them properly assessed and valued.

Look for the Reputation of the Company

It is crucial to know about the company you are considering to sell gold online. Study the reviews and testimonials to get an idea of the services offered. If you’re planning to sell gold online in the UK, RPS Gold is your best bet. We are known to list the best prices for your metal in a dedicated time window. We recommend using Royal Mail Special Delivery as they are the best and safest when sending gold. 

Why RPS Gold?

We are the renowned jewellers in the UK who have been dealing in precious metals for the last three generations. If you wish to sell gold, we will offer you market leading prices. RPS Gold is the authorised and reliable jeweller in the UK running their businesses in five branches in England. 

We are just a call or email away! Our team will lock the price of your gold based on the live spot price. Send your gold through Royal Mail Special Delivery. Contact us today to get the right and highest price if you want to sell gold online now!

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