PAMP Suisse 50g Minted Gold Bullion Fortuna Bar – LBMA-Approved, 24-Carat Gold Investment

These PAMP Suisse 100g Fortuna Minted Gold Bullion Bar are produced by the well-known Swiss precious metal refiner, PAMP SA, supplied with serial number and certificate.


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2 In stock


Introducing the RPS Bullion PAMP Suisse 50g Minted Gold Bullion Fortuna Bars – an exceptional, LBMA-approved investment opportunity featuring the iconic Lady Fortuna design.

Expertly crafted by PAMP Suisse, these premium gold bars boast:

  • 24-carat gold purity
  • 999.9 fineness
  • 1.6075 troy ounces of the precious metal
  • VAT Exemption
  • A unique bar serial number
  • 50g weight
  • A variety of gold weight options for your PAMP Suisse Fortuna Bars collection

The gold bar contains exactly 50g (1.6075 troy ounces) of pure 24 carat gold, struck in 999.9 fineness.

Each gold bar is precisely struck to contain 50g (1.6075 troy ounces) of pure 24-carat gold with 999.9 fineness, ensuring a high-quality investment piece.

Bars vs Coins

For the most cost-effective investment, compare premiums and opt for the lowest possible, which may often be found on coins rather than bars. Coins offer an additional advantage when selling, as you can sell a portion of your collection. For example, if you have 30 gold 1 oz coins instead of a 1kg gold bar, you can sell a few coins when the price and timing suit you, whereas selling a gold bar requires parting with the entire piece in a single transaction.


The PAMP Suisse Gold Fortuna Bullion Bars’ obverse showcases the renowned PAMP Suisse logo, weight, purity, and a unique serial number. With a sleek, contemporary design, these bars are highly sought-after by collectors and investors looking for top-tier gold bullion.


On the reverse, the PAMP Suisse Gold Fortuna Bullion Bars feature the Roman goddess Fortuna, portrayed with a blindfold and holding a cornucopia brimming with riches in one hand and a wheel of fortune in the other. The intricate details and superior finish of these bars make them a highly coveted addition to any collector’s or investor’s portfolio.

Weight 50 g


50 Grams