2022 Memorial Gold Bullion Sovereign Tube – 25 Coins

Enhance your collection with RPS Bullion’s 2022 QEII Memorial Gold Sovereign Tube, offering 25 exceptional 22-carat gold coins. Delve into British history with the first KCIII bullion sovereigns, featuring a special Queen Elizabeth II Memorial design. VAT-free and CGT exempt, this tube holds 5.885 troy ounces of investment-grade gold


3 In stock

3 In stock


Experience the grandeur of British monarchy with RPS Bullion’s 2022 Queen Elizabeth II Memorial Gold Sovereign Tube. This collection includes 25 royal gold coins, each crafted to honor the late Queen with a unique Royal Coat of Arms design on the reverse.

Notably, these sovereigns are the first to feature the fresh portrait of King Charles III on the obverse, signifying a new era in British history. Struck in 22-carat gold, these coins exude premium quality and undeniable value.

The tube, containing a total of 5.885 troy ounces of gold, serves as a significant addition to your investment portfolio. Not to mention, these sovereigns are VAT-free and exempt from Capital Gains Tax, further amplifying your potential returns.

Key Features:

  • First KCIII bullion sovereign
  • Special Queen Elizabeth II Memorial design
  • Struck in 22 carat gold
  • VAT-free and Capital Gains Tax exempt
  • Contains 5.885 troy ounces of gold

With RPS Bullion’s 2022 Queen Elizabeth II Memorial Gold Sovereign Tube, you’re investing in a piece of British history, an exclusive design, and a tax-efficient asset that offers financial growth. Secure your coins today!



5.885 troy ounces