2022 Memorial Gold Bullion Sovereign Monster Box – 500 Coins

Step into royal heritage with RPS Bullion’s 2022 Queen Elizabeth II Memorial Gold Sovereign Monster Box. Containing 500 special QEII Memorial 22-carat gold coins, this VAT-free collection offers 117.7 troy ounces of gold. Enjoy the key features: the debut portrait of King Charles III, and Capital Gains Tax exemption. A golden opportunity for discerning collectors.


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Out of stock

Introducing the exclusive 2022 Queen Elizabeth II Memorial Gold Sovereign Monster Box from RPS Bullion, comprising a collection of 500 premium gold coins. In tribute to the revered Queen, these sovereigns showcase a new Royal Coat of Arms design on the reverse side, while gracing the obverse is the inaugural portrait of King Charles III.

Enrich your investment portfolio with this assemblage that offers 117.7 troy ounces of precious gold. Crafted in 22-carat gold, each coin weighs 7.98 grams and holds 0.2354 troy ounces of gold.

An additional incentive, these coveted coins are VAT-free and exempt from Capital Gains Tax, making this monster box a profitable investment choice. This 2022 KCIII Bullion Sovereign is a special edition, signifying the QEII Memorial design – a historical memento and a promising investment.

Key Features:

  • Struck in 22 carat gold
  • VAT free and Capital Gains Tax exempt
  • Contains 117.7 troy ounces of gold
  • First King Charles III bullion sovereign
  • Special Queen Elizabeth II Memorial design

Boost your collection with this distinguished 2022 Queen Elizabeth II Memorial Gold Sovereign Monster Box from RPS Bullion – an emblem of royal heritage, a tribute to British monarchy, and a sound investment opportunity.



117.7 Troy ounces