Platinum Investments – Physical and Non-Physical Options

Platinum Investments – Physical and Non-Physical Options

If you’re planning to invest in precious metals, there is a good chance that you have already started looking into investing in gold and silver. Undoubtedly, these are the two most famous choices for investment; platinum can also be an ideal option for building the portfolio of precious metal investments. If you invest wisely, platinum investments can give you outstanding returns in a long time.

In this post, we will come to know why platinum is a good investment and what are the options for investing.

Why Invest in Platinum

Platinum comes with the highest tag and is rarer than gold. Furthermore, this precious metal has a huge demand in the industry. Due to increased industrial demand, it is being considered an ideal investment for the future. While platinum is a high-value precious metal, its price fluctuates frequently. Let’s find out what influences platinum prices.

Industrial Demand

Platinum has a massive demand in the automotive industry. Platinum is essential in making a catalytic converter that minimizes automotive emissions across the world. It simply shows that the price of platinum will primarily shift in line with demand from the auto industry for new vehicles. The growing demand for platinum in the automotive industry makes platinum investments more promising than ever.

Currency Strength

A large amount of platinum comes from South Africa and Russia and is paid for in US dollars. Consequently, a weaker dollar typically eliminates any incentive from platinum mining. This can limit the supply of platinum and contribute to higher costs in the process.

Investing in Platinum

There are plenty of options when it comes to platinum investments.

Physical Platinum
Physical platinum investment is the most direct way to get involved in the platinum investment. As per your choice, you can invest in platinum coins and platinum bars.

There are a lot of benefits to owning physical platinum. It is the rarest of all the precious metals and has a high industrial demand. In comparison to gold, platinum trades at a premium price. Furthermore, platinum is hard to tarnish and therefore, it is more durable than gold and silver. At RPS Gold, we deal in a wide range of platinum bars and coins so you can buy them as per your budget.

Non-Physical Platinum Investment Options

There is no shortage of non-physical platinum investments as well. As per your convenience, you can invest in platinum stocks or platinum ETFs.

Platinum Stocks

There are a lot of brokers through which you can invest in platinum stocks. Look for the best-performing stocks. Franco-Nevada, A-Mark Precious Metals, and Platinum Metals are a few famous names.

Platinum ETFs
Platinum ETFs invest in futures contracts that keep track of the price of the metal, rather than keeping them in tangible form. Remember, each ETF is different so do enough research before you start investing in platinum ETFs.


Undoubtedly, platinum prices are more volatile than gold, but in the long term, they give better returns. Even in the period of 3 to 5 years, its prices can swing a lot. If you’re planning to platinum investment, it is a golden time. Looking for the best deal on platinum? Visit or call us at +44(0) 20 8574 2450.

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