Platinum Coin Proof Sets – Great For Collectors and Investors

Platinum is among the top precious metals that you can find on earth. Its market prices match those of gold and silver and set the market standards. Investors worldwide find it profitable to invest in platinum objects like jewellery, bars, and platinum coins proof sets.

A platinum coin is a highly lucrative investment option that you can easily explore. We will discuss with you five top and popular platinum coins that are perfect for IRA retirement accounts. According to the Internal Revenue Service purity standards, your platinum coin must fulfill 99.95% platinum purity.

Let’s check out the best platinum coin that you can invest in.

American Platinum Eagle Coins

American Platinum Eagle Coin is the only platinum coin to be backed by the United States government. In 1997, the American government-guaranteed platinum coins were first released to the general people. They are the only platinum coins that the US government backs with their content, weight, and purity.

Like the American Eagle gold and silver versions, you can buy the platinum coin in their proof iteration. The makers especially struck them for collectors with added collector premium. The statement means that each platinum coin is highly polished with a superior visual appearance over platinum bullions.

Austria Vienna Platinum Philharmonic Coins

Austria Vienna Philharmonics are the leading bullions coins of Europe. Their platinum versions first hit the stores in 2006 at 99.95% platinum purity. Like their gold and silver counterparts, the platinum coin design features the Great Pipe Organ from the Vienna Golden Hall. On the backside, you will find various instruments that the renowned orchestra plays.

The Austrian Mint in Vienna makes these bad boys and stand by their quality and purity of their work. At Euro 100 legal tender face value, Austria Vienna Platinum Philharmonic Coins are the world’s highest face value platinum.

Canadian Platinum Maple Leaf Coins

After the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf coin series’s groundbreaking success, the Royal Canadian Mint made their mind to launch the Silver and Platinum Maple Leaves in 1988. During its initial two years issue, you could buy Platinum Maple Lead coins under four different denominations and weights and had a portrait of young Queen Elizabeth II. The Royal Canadian Mint produced platinum regularly between 1990 and 2002. In 2001, they decided to stop regular Platinum Maple Leafs production.

In 2009, the RCM produced a limited version of one troy-ounce-sized coin that featured a 79-year-old Queen Elizabeth II. Each of their coins has a 50 Canadian dollar face value.

Australian Koala Platinum Coins

Australia’s world-famous Perth Mint produces the Australian Platinum Koala. These platinum coins are within the only few platinum bullions to feature a new coin every year. The Perth Mint originally struck them in 1988, and they are the first national mintages to come in one troy ounces platinum bullion coins.

Platinum coins are not just an amazing option for investors, but with their high standards of purity, weight, and visual aesthetics, they are a collector’s wet dream. If you are thinking of buying high-quality platinum coin-proof sets, head to RPS Gold.

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