Platinum Bars – Things You Didn’t Know About Platinum

Platinum Bars – Things You Didn’t Know About Platinum

Are you planning to invest in platinum bars Great going! Like silver and gold, platinum is also considered as valuable metal and has various uses. For example, it has excessive use in the electronic and medical industry. A lot of people don’t know, but platinum bars make a good investment in the long run. In this post, we will make you familiar with five things you didn’t know about platinum. So let’s get started.

It’s a Transitional Metal

Since platinum can easily be bonded with other metals, it is used in decoration, dental and making platinum bars, and jewellery. Platinum is one of the densest elements, around 21.45 grams per cubic centimetres.

Use in Anti-cancer Drugs

Due to its low reactive nature, platinum is also used to make anti-cancer drugs. Drugs like Cisplatin is used to treat tumours in human beings and animals. It is one of the reasons the demand for platinum is pretty high. Therefore, investors buy platinums bars to gain maximum returns.

Platinum Makes Cars Safer

It might be surprising to you, but platinum is also used in the automotive industry. Platinum-cured silicones are used to coat automotive airbags so that they can stay stable and be kept packed for a long duration.

Personal Hygiene

Platinum-cured silicone is also used in beauty products, including contact lenses, shampoos, and lipsticks. The use of such silicones is also popular in medical. They have exceptional wound healing properties and do not damage the wet would. Platinum silicons are also porous to air and moisture; therefore, improves the healing process automatically.

Platinum Provides Power off the Grid

Platinum-based fuel cells are more reliable, affordable and cleaner than diesel generators. In the rural areas of South Africa where there is a huge shortage of electricity, platinum-based fuel cells can make a huge difference. Fuel cell mini-grid electrification technology is a great alternative to grid electrification in remote areas.

Now you know the different uses of platinum, let’s find out why platinum bar are a great investment.

Benefits of Investing in Platinum Bar

Solid Historical Background
Platinum bars have a rich historical background. In the 16th century, Spinach explorer discovered it in Columbia. This precious metal became popular as jewellery in the 60s, and its demand rose in Europe, Asia, and the US.

Historical Pricing
Platinum as an investment metal has been showing a fantastic shift in pricing. Investors are buying platinum bars to diversify their investment portfolio.

Rising Demand
As platinum has various unique properties, it’s usage in high-tech industries is increasing. Therefore, the demand for platinum bars might increase more in the upcoming years.

Ease of Investment
There are a lot of options when it comes to investment in platinum. As per your convenience, you can invest in platinum bars and coins.

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