Is Half Sovereign Coin a Good Investment?

Is Half Sovereign Coin a Good Investment?

Are you planning to invest in a half-sovereign coin but wondering whether or not it is a good investment? If yes, stick to this post until the end. For those who don’t know, the half-sovereign coin is a British gold coin that has the value equal to ten shillings or half a pound sterling. In this article, we will discuss whether or not a half-sovereign coin is a good investment, but before that, let’s take a quick look at history gold sovereign coins.

History of Half Sovereign Coins
Sovereign coins symbolize the history which has long been associated with the Royal Mint. The first sovereign coin was minted in 1489, and since 1817, St. George and the Dragon design has been featured on the coins. Made from 22 ct gold, these coins remain the most popular across the United Kingdom.

If we mention about the half-sovereign coin precisely, it was first introduced in 1544 under Henry VII. Today, it is counted among one of the popular coins for the investment. The one primary reason for the same is that it is a reasonably priced entry point for investing in coins.

Why Should You Invest in Half Sovereign Coin

Historical Appeal

Half-sovereign coins have been around for hundreds of years; therefore, they have an excellent historical appeal and reputation in the trading market. It features St George killing a dragon astride his brave steed.

Easy to Trade

While half-sovereign coins carry a face value, their true worth is far more than that. These coins are more popular among investors than coins like Krugerrand and Britannia. This is because they are more affordable and easy to sell.

If you’re an investor, you can save tax by trading gold sovereign. All the Britannia and British sovereigns produced after 1837 are exempt from CGT (Capital Gains Tax) as they are classified as legal tender. However, it’s essential to know that only some coins are exempt from VAT. For example, if a coin is bought as a bullion investment, there is generally no VAT to pay. However, if a coin is more than 180% of its gold-content value, it would be considered as a collector’s item, and VAT must be paid. You can visit to know more about tax exemption on gold coins in the United Kingdom.

Considering everything together, we can say Half-Sovereign Coin is a good investment that can give you more returns in the long run. At RPS Gold, we deal in both half-sovereign coin and full sovereign coin. The dimension of our half-sovereign coin measures 22.05 × 22.05 × 1.52 mm while weight is 4gm.

RPS Gold is one of the reputable and trustworthy gold dealers in the London operating for more than 50 years. To buy a half-sovereign coin, you can visit our website or call us at +44(0) 20 8574 2450. You can also write to us at [email protected].

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