How Many Types of Gold Bars Are Available Globally?

How Many Types of Gold Bars Are Available Globally?

If you’re planning to invest gold bars, you might be overwhelmed by the various types of gold bars available on the market globally. The primary difference in these gold bars is the process by which they are created. Other differences lie in their refinement and weight. The type of gold bars one selects depends on his/her investment goals.

So, if you want to know about different types of gold bars available globally, then continue reading.

1. Cast Gold Bars

The manufacturing process of creating cast gold bars is relatively fast and straightforward. First, the manufacturers form a mould to ensure that the gold bars they are going to design are of proper weight and size. The gold is then heated to convert it into a liquid, and this liquid is poured into the mould. Each cast gold bar is different as the manufacturing procedure is less refined than any other. These bars look a little rougher and include more blemishes. Also, as the casting process of creating cast gold bars is cheaper, they are less expensive than other gold bars. However, it also means that cast gold bars are difficult to sell as they have comparatively more blemishes.

2. Minted Gold Bars

Minted gold bars look nearly perfect, and they often come in secure packaging to retain its smooth and shiny finish. They are created from scratch with the help of a continuous casting machine. In this process, a long strip of metal is made, instead of individual bars. This strip is then cut down into bars – the final result has no blemishes and marks. The manufacturer checks each bar to ensure the proper size and weight. The approved bars are cleaned, polished, and dried. Moreover, minted gold bars have a complex finish and are highly famous among gold investors, making them easy to resell.

3. Combi Gold Bars

Created at Swiss Refinery Valcambi, combo gold bars are an innovation in gold bars. These gold bars came into the market when gold investors started looking for smaller bars due to global economic issues. Combi gold bars look like a credit card and include around 50grams of gold. You can break a combi bar easily into smaller pieces. Combi gold bars’ manufacturing process is similar to minted gold bars, and they have a shiny appearance. The significant difference between the combi and minted bars is that the versatility and size of combi gold bars make them accessible to a vast client base. Also, combi gold bars are the most expensive than other gold bar types.


These are the three popular types of gold bars available globally. Each bar is best used for a unique purpose. You can make your investment decision easily, depending on the intended use of your gold bars. If you’re looking to invest in top-quality gold bars that can give you the best return on your money, make sure to make your purchase from a reputed gold vendor. When it comes to quality and purity, you can trust RPS Gold.

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