How are Gold Coins Made?

Undoubtedly, people nowadays are investing more in cryptocurrency or the stock market, but these are full of risks and losses. Investing in gold coins made and legalised by the government of all nations is a smart and valuable investment. Due to continuous mining and population growth, at some point, gold supplies will be in short supply. This will increase its value, and this is why you should invest in gold coins or jewellery.

Many people still ask the question, how are gold coins made. This article will tell you the way gold coins are made and supplied to the market.

Did you know when gold coins were made for the first time? Gold coins were first made around 2000 years ago in Lydia (now a part of Western Turkey). 

Goldsmith and gold-workers use a well-defined process by which gold coins are made. Undoubtedly, the machinery and technology by which gold coins are made have evolved over time. But the fundamental process used for minting gold coins remained the same. 

Step 1: MeltingGold coins are made by melting the metal at nearly 1064℃. Long strips of high weight are formed and rolled under high pressure of 200 tonnes, and after this, they are cut into blanks. 

Step 2: BlankingGold coins are made by passing these large strips for unwound and flattening to remove any flaws. Then they are passed through a punch machine that punches out the blank discs of metal. 

Step 3: Annealing & PicklingGold coins made until now had gone through a harsh and raw environment where dirt is mixed with them. The riddler machine removes any extra material from it. These gold coin blanks are put in an annealing oven to soften them for striking. Also, they go through a chemical bath to remove oils or dirt present in them. 

 Step 4: UpsettingGold coins made till now are passed through a machine having a set of rollers to impart a raised metal rim on both sides. It also ensures the proper diameter, so the coins strike properly in the coming processes. These gold coins made now are called planchets.

Step 5: Striking or Stamping: The gold coins made till now are finally stamped by the ‘coining press’ or imprinted with the set designs. 

Step 6: Inspection: In this step, inspectors check the gold coins made by the organisation using magnifying glasses. Here all flaws or faults (if any) are detected. 

Step 7: Distribution: All gold coins made are now counted by the machine and dropped in the respective boxes for delivery to collectors or vendors around the world.


Now you know how are gold coins made. It takes a lot of time and constant attentive supervision of experts. All gold coins are made and delivered worldwide under high security, which makes them precious and expensive. RPS Gold is one of the reliable places where you can buy gold coins safely and securely at the best prices. 

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