How are 250gm silver bars made?

Silver, by far, has been the most popular, precious and used form of money throughout our lives. The majority of the people believe that silver is the primary monetary metal in the world, even before gold. This precious metal is rare, which makes it as precious as gold. Also, silver is eight times more abundant than gold, making it a good investment. 250gm silver bars are popular for investors looking for a mid-sized bar.

Today, when you buy silver bars or coins, it is considered equivalent to making the same choice that kings and merchants used to make. Silver is viewed as a strategic investment aiming to preserve wealth and hedging against inflation.

How are Silver Bars Made?

Now silver bullion bars and coins are minted worldwide to meet the rising demand for this precious metal. Most of the Silver we see as jewellery is made from the silver bars that are extracted from silver deposits found in underground mines. There are very few pure silver mines in the world that only few people know about.
Silver is refined through the same process as gold, and its two common forms are poured bars and minted bars. Silver mines extract the ore and refine it into a pure metal through ‘Smelting.’ Next, this molten metal is poured or cast into a mould to create silver ingots or cast bars.

What is a Silver Ingot?

You might be wondering what ‘Ingot’ is. The ingot is an old term used to refer to metals that are melted and poured into a mould with a specific shape, and usually, it is a rectangular block. Ingots refer to blocks, and these blocks are a convenient form of producing metals in a refinery. These blocks then can be easily transported and stored to other places. The silver bars are labelled with essential information that includes the weight and name of the producer. These are not meant to be traded as investment-grade metal.

Difference between Casts and Pressed Bars

Casts and pressed bars differ in several ways, but they both have unique advantages that suit the preferences of every investor. Let us discuss both of them.

Cast Bars

Cast bars are also known as poured bars, as these silver bars are made by molten silver poured into a mould or cast with the desired shape. When it cools down and solidifies, it is then removed from the mould and weighed to ensure the exact amount of silver. Then the cast bar is stamped with the refiner’s name, its purity and gross weight.

Pressed Bars

Also known as minted bars, it does not involve heating the metal past its melting temperature. In this process, large pieces of silver shaped as bars and rounds are there. A pressing or stamping machine is used to apply large amounts of pressure to the blanks using a dye containing the required design. This dye has intricate logos or designs that create an attractive and glossy finish.


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