Do Some Research Before Selling Gold!

Do Some Research Before Selling Gold!

There’s no doubt that gold is in high demand for ages, and it is still rising. If you are thinking of selling gold, there are a few things you need to be aware of. Fortunately, in today’s age, with so many vendors available in the market, you have lots of options when it comes to selling gold at the best price.

Being a newbie in selling gold, you may sometimes face significant losses if you don’t do proper research. To make it easy for you to sell your gold at the best price, we have put together some points you need to take into consideration. Keep reading for the details.

Make Your List

The first thing you should do is make a list of things you are planning to sell. This is necessary because the price of your gold coins may be different from your gold ornaments. To get the best deal on your particular gold thing, it is essential to prepare the list of gold you’re planning to sell.

Know the Worth of Your Gold

Another thing you need to determine before selling gold is – the worth of your gold. Different buyers may offer you different rates. Some buyers can cut additional charges from the total price to purchase it for a lesser amount from you. Therefore, it is essential to browse around to find out the current market price of gold. Also, make sure to pick an authentic and reliable gold buyer.

Shop Around

For the best return on your gold, it is essential to select the best gold buyer. It is recommended to never go with the first option you find to sell off your gold. The best way is to shop around and look for a well-known gold buyer. You can also go for a buyer with a permanent location and years of experience in the industry, like RPS Gold.

Ask Questions

Before making the final decision, ask a few questions from your potential gold buyers. Your questions may include how much experience they have in buying or selling gold, how they determine the value of gold, and so on. Check out their expressions or behaviour while asking these questions. It will help you understand whether the vendor is being transparent or not.

Check out Reviews or Feedback

Reading clients’ feedback and reviews can help you know more about your potential vendors. You may browse Google and respective website portals of potential gold buyers to look for reviews.


These are some key considerations you need to keep in mind if you’re planning on selling gold. Besides, we at RPS Gold, are open to giving you some best deals on your gold. Call our team today to book your price depending on the current rate. You can post your gold the same day using Royal Mail Special Delivery to get that fixed price. Once we get the metal, we will proceed with your BACS payments, and you will receive it into your account within 3 business days. Overall, to sell your gold, simply call us on +44(0) 20 8574 2450.

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