Difference between a Full Sovereign Coin and a Half Sovereign Coin

Fundamental Difference between a Full Sovereign Coin and a Half Sovereign Coin

A lot of people are not aware of the differences between Full Sovereign coin and a Half sovereign coin. Therefore, they often get confused which they should invest in. In this post, we are going to explore the fundamental differences between the two so that you can choose the right coin as per your budget and need. So let’s get started.

Before we describe both coins, let us tell you that the sovereign is a classic British coin which is quite popular among collectors and investors. The modern coins came into existence in 1817. The coins have witnessed the reigns of several British monarchs, and their existing version features St George and the Dragon. This design was created by the famous coin designer named Benedetto Pistrucci.

Differences in size and weight

Numerous features of Full Sovereign Coin and Half Sovereign Coin are identical such as front and back design and 22-carat alloy mix. However, there are some differences in size and weight. A Full Coin is about the size of 1 piece and weighs around 8g while the Half Coin is similar to the old halfpenny size and weighs 4g.

Both coins have a face value and qualify as legal tender in the United Kingdom. The half-sovereign coin is named so because it is half the weight of a full sovereign and also has half the gold content.

Rich History

Both coins have a rich history. Half Coin was first introduced in 1544, during the time of King Henry VIII. On the other hand, Full Coin was released during the reign of King Henry VII in 1489. However, the exchange of both coins lasted until 1604.

It is worth mentioning that Australia continued to use this coin until 1933.

Dimensions of the Modern Sovereigns

When we speak about modern sovereigns, we refer to those issued after 1817. The dimension of the modern half-sovereign is 19.30 mm diameter and 0.99mm thickness. On the hand, the diameter of the Full Sovereign is 22.05 mm while the thickness is 1.52 mm.


If you want to build a gold portfolio, divisibility must be an essential factor for you. Since half-sovereign enables investors to invest in a small portion of gold, it is an indispensable addition to a gold portfolio. However, it doesn’t mean Full Sovereign Coin is a bad choice. You can also save tax by trading in them.

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