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One can make many choices when looking to buy gold online in the UK. Earlier, people only trusted local coin and bullion shops, but now they have started counting on the online shops to make the purchase. The reason behind this is that online precious metal dealers offer a wide variety of bullion coins and bars at the lowest premium available. If you wish to buy gold online, consider purchasing it from RPS Gold. As the market-leading experts, we offer quick, secure, and easy transactions.

Gold is seen as an excellent long-term investment that offers strong potential returns at low risks. It is an excellent hedge against inflation, so many investors consider it a much safer investment than stocks. It is also the most coveted precious metal globally that remained a standard by which wealth is measured for centuries.

Things to Know Before You Buy Gold Online

Investments of gold can be of various forms: jewellery, bullion, and ETFs. If you’re considering the purchase of gold online, you have plenty of options to buy it in the form of gold bullion. One of the best ways in the UK to invest in gold is to purchase UK coins.

Investing in gold coins also offers you tax benefits. Various British gold coins have tax benefits. Both Gold Britannia coins and Gold Sovereigns are VAT-free when you buy. The Capital Gains Tax (CGT) is exempt when you sell, saving you money when you buy and maximising the return on your investment.

The countries around the world have produced their own investment bullion coins for individuals who want to buy gold online. These international gold coins don’t exempt from CGT but are considered a good investment option. We also sell international coins as they have global recognition and are popular among buyers.

Why Us?

We at RPS Gold have a legacy of 50 years, and currently, our family’s 3rd generation is running this online jewellery store. We offer an extensive range of options for people who wish to buy gold online in different sizes. The prices of our billions include the cost of metal and any premium applied. Our reasonable prices let people buy bullion at low premiums compared to the global spot price.

We follow a pretty simple process for people looking to buy gold online. For those who find any difficulty at any point, we provide customer support assistance round the clock.

Buy gold online from us as the best refiners in the country have approved, authenticated, and certified our gold. The delivery process of our team is also secure and fast. We send your purchase via registered and insured royal mail. It is one of the safest and reliable delivery services that deliver your gold within time. Stay assured after purchasing from us.


Gold remains the primary source of private investment and the protection of wealth. Historically gold has remained strong when the global economy has been in crisis. When investors sense that their money is losing value during periods of rising inflation, they look to safer assets like gold as it maintains its value during the crisis. Before buying, it is essential to check for trusted and authorised ones. Buy gold online only from trusted and authorised dealers as it is a significant investment.

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