Where to buy 22ct Indian Gold Jewellery Online in the UK?

We all know and understand that owning gold is considered a safe investment. Other than religious dimensions, Indians are attached to socio-cultural value to the gold. If you are looking for 22 ct Indian gold jewellery online in the UK, consider RPS Jewellers. We are the retailers that are recognised as a leading manufacturer worldwide. As we live in the modern era, some people still find it hard to believe that it is entirely safe to buy gold online. The only thing that matters here is that the retailer is reliable, old and trusted.

Significance of Gold in the Indian Culture

Over time, India’s infatuation with gold has grown stronger and stronger. It is a known fact that Indians account for most of the gold consumed globally. In Indian history, gold is considered more than an investment. It is a culturally significant metal that is loved by all. Though buying 22ct Indian gold jewellery online in the country is something people still avoid, this trend is changing rapidly here in the UK.

Gold is famous because it offers potential solid returns at low risks. Hence, people have started trusting online e-commerce stores to buy gold coins, gold bullion, and 22ct Indian gold jewellery online. Let us discuss some of the critical factors that explain the significance of gold online:

Family Heirloom

Gold is part of every Indian family and is considered a family heirloom by most. These pieces of jewellery and ornaments are passed from generation to generation in a bid to keep the family’s legacy alive. Hence, it is essential that when you consider buying 22ct Indian gold jewellery online, you buy it from a reliable and genuine source.

Gifting Someone

Gifts are a part of our Indian culture, and gifting gold to someone is considered auspicious. Gifting gold is regarded as the highest form of gifting among Indians, and it showcases the value of an individual and purity of intent. Gifting someone with gold is not only valued but is also considered lucky. If you are busy with weddings and wish to give someone this golden metal, consider buying 22ct Indian gold jewellery online from RPS Gold. It will not only save your time, but also you will stay assured that you’re getting a genuine product. 


When the share market goes down, investors turn their attention towards gold. Gold is considered the safest investment, along with a sentiment that Indians live by. Owning gold is regarded as an extremely smart choice, and this can be seen clearly in the amount of gold that Indians own.       

If you’re looking to buy 22ct Indian gold online in the UK for any occasion or purpose, call or visit RPS Gold. We follow a straightforward process for the people who are searching for 22ct Indian gold jewellery online. We also offer customer support assistance with any issue while dealing with us.

Why Choose RPS Gold?

It is safe to buy gold jewellery with RPS Gold as we deal in a wide variety of jewellery. We have made our name by creating exquisite, bespoke fine artisan jewellery pieces for our customers. While considering buying the 22ct Indian Gold Jewellery online, trust us as with our legacy of 50 years, we take extraordinary pleasure in creating jewels. The prices of our online gold jewellery are also genuine compared to other retailers.


RPS Gold is the name that you must trust and rely on while considering the purchase of 22ct Indian gold jewellery online. RPS Jewellers is the most trusted authorised dealer online for precious metals, gold bars and gold coins. 

As gold is a significant investment, you should not purchase this precious metal anywhere. We all know that the price of gold keeps fluctuating daily, which is why it makes sense to invest in gold to have a secure future. So get in touch with RPS Jewellers today to make your next purchase of Indian gold jewellery.


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